Nutraceutical Division

Nutraceutical Research Innovations is a leader in the rapidly growing science of nutraceutical research and functional natural biochemical compound extraction. Nutraceuticals are natural compounds, ingredients, and extractions that have pharmaceutical effects. Our nutraceutical division takes a unique approach to the research, rapid identification, and development of nutraceutical medical grade compounds.  Using leading research, technology, and analysis, we are able to efficiently and effectively target potential areas of nutraceutical focus. Our projects, extractions, formulations, and compounds are usually based on new biological principles together with existing compounds for which  medical use and biotechnology utility and design patents.

During the nutraceutical and natural biochemical compound process, our products and extraction methods are modified for various areas of biochemistry, medicine, and various life sciences. Nutraceutical Research Innovations, partners with premier research and academic institutions around the world and collaborates with industry and experts. Nutraceutical Research Innovations, focuses on various areas of medicine including dermatology, which is expected to grow to over $500 million dollars by 2014. Exclusive and patented applications and methods of development allow our company to become a innovation leader in the growing nutraceutical industry.